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© Ashish Ranjan

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  • Size: A1 (594 x 841 mm)
  • Printed on Fine Art Paper (smooth matt, 230gsm)
  • Please allow 4 weeks for delivery
  • After costs, all funds raised are split equally between the competition’s conservation partners and the photographer.

The Probing Eyes

$ 350.00

includes printing, packaging and global delivery

We spotted the cubs near the foots of the hills where topi pride lions are known to live. We waited for more than 45 mins before we could see the pack of lionesses coming towards their cubs. In anticipation of good moments of them meeting their waiting cubs, we positioned our jeep close to an anthill hoping that the lionesses would climb over it and the cubs will follow. We were proven right and when one of the lioness went up together with its cubs, we got our moment where we took some closeup shots in the warm morning sunlight. One such moment was this where I intentionally kept the mother almost out of the frame and only focused on the eye of the cub resulting in this shot.

By Ashish Ranjan in aid of the Mara Conservancy