The four judges of The Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year competition were chosen for their global recognition, local knowledge and unquestionable photographic skills, providing credibility and integrity to the judging process.


  • Creativity and a fresh perspective of everyday scenes photographed in refreshing ways
  • Visual impact & emotional response
  • Technical difficulty and execution – does the composition, lighting and background take the image to the next level?
  • Please note that while still a factor, action and rarity of the sighting are less important in the judging process
  • Each image needs to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Mara and ensure the animals featured are not disturbed or compromised in any way (especially where cubs are involved)

There are no category restrictions, and entries of all subject matter will be accepted: landscape, wildlife, portrait, behavioural, documentary, black & white etc. Entries of river crossings from the Great Migration will however only be considered in the months from June through October. In terms of editing, post-production should be faithful to the original mood and scene, with nothing removed or added. For the full set of competition rules, please read the T&Cs or view the FAQs.

  • Piper Mackay

    Piper Mackay’s intrepid journey as an African wildlife and tribal photographer has taken her on adventures spanning the African continent for the past 18 years. Driven to create compelling imagery and stories that make a difference, her work breaks expectations by moving away from the beaten path, immersed in the cultures and wild environments she is photographing.

    Piper’s photographs are licensed by Getty Images’ top collections. Featured articles of her work have been printed in national publications such as; National Geographic Traveler, Outdoor Photographer, Nature Photographer, Ranger Finder, and Lens Magazine, as well as local travel and online magazines. Her images have graced the pages of Nature’s Best, National Geographic, National Geographic Explorer, Travel Africa, WWF calendars, and numerous travel publications. Her images have won many awards including the African wildlife category winner of nature’s best and highly commended portfolio in the Travel Photographer of the year in 2020.

    Her images have been exhibited at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC, The Museum of History and industry in Seattle Washington, The Art Wolfe gallery, The G2 Galley and are hanging in private collections around the world. She has been an inspiration speaker for Canon, Nikon, and large photography venues. She lives in Kenya and leads safaris across the African Continent.

  • Gurcharan Roopra

    Gurcharan Roopra was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. The serene environs of his native place left a lasting impact and he became attracted to nature at an early age.

    After graduating in automotive engineering, Gurcharan lived and worked in the UK for ten years where he sorely missed the space and freedom of the bush. By 2012 he made up his mind and returned to Kenya for good. Return to the bush coincided with him developing an interest in photography. What started off as a hobby took deep roots in his mind and soon his life started revolving around wildlife and nature photography. Time and the bush were great mentors where he developed and honed his skills to become one of the most noted nature photographers in Africa.

    The more time Gurcharan spent in nature, the more passionate he has become towards Mother Earth and the many fellow beings on it. He is committed to the cause of a pristine earth and has devoted his time and energy to many conservation causes in Kenya. He is happy for the fact that his images have come useful for many conservation projects.

  • Federico Veronesi

    An Italian national who moved to Kenya and lived on the banks of the Talek River in order to follow his passion for wildlife photography, Federico has dedicated most of his adult life to waiting for, watching, and photographing wild animal, immersed in nature. His images have been featured the world-over, and in September 2015 he published his first coffee table book, Light and Dusk.

    Federico’s greatest moment in the Maasai Mara was his first encounter with a caracal family that he chronicled for years, his hands shaking in emotion as the mother – completely relaxed just a few meters away – looked at him with a piercing, haunting look. An experience which he has never forgotten.

  • Adam Bannister

    A South African-trained biologist, safari guide, author, filmmaker and photographer – above all else Adam is a remarkable storyteller, sharing with viewers and guests what he has learnt from his experiences in some of the world’s most beautiful, wild places – including the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, Rajasthan in India, the Pantanal of Brazil, and the rainforests of Manu National Park in Peru.

    Adam’s greatest moment in the Maasai Mara was the first time he laid eyes on the legendary lion, Scar. Lions have always been Adam’s greatest passion, and on that day in the pouring rain, Scar exuded everything which he loves about them, as he strode confidently across the grassland and settled atop a prominent termite mound. He paused, staring directly into Adam’s jeep, and shook his entire body – spraying water everywhere.