The conservation organizations listed below all share a common goal: to ensure the sustainability of the Maasai Mara ecosystem for future generations. Each entry fee for the Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year is donated in full to one of these reputable organizations.

  • Angama Foundation


    Supporting education, healthcare and conservation initiatives on the western edge of the Maasai Mara, atop the Oloololo escarpment and in the Mara Triangle below, the Angama Foundation was founded on Benjamin Franklin’s popular mantra of “Doing Well by Doing Good”. Funded by small nightly contributions from guests at Angama Mara, the work of the AF illustrates the effect that high-yield, low-impact tourism businesses can play in developing rural economies, making meaningful and sustainable differences to the communities that neighbour a lodge.

    Entry fees donated to the Angama Foundation will be used to fund ongoing investment in preschools, classrooms and other school infrastructure, and to provide access to water for local communities.

  • Anne K Taylor Fund


    A veteran of four decades in the tourism and conservation industries, the Anne K. Taylor Fund works closely with the local Maasai community to combat poaching on a daily basis, empower communities and develop schools in areas of need.

    Entry fees donated to the AKTF will be used to fund anti-poaching patrols and the construction of predator-proof bomas (traditional livestock enclosures) to prevent local livestock from attacks by predators.

  • Mara Conservancy


    Exercising a transparent and accountable approach, the Mara Conservancy manages the portion of the Maasai Mara west of the Mara River – known as the Mara Triangle – ensuring its prosperity for generations to come.

    Entry fees donated to the Mara Conservancy will be used to support existing operations — including anti-poaching and de-snaring patrols within the Mara Triangle — and increasing the number of game scouts in neighbouring communities.

  • Mara Elephant Project


    On a mission to protect elephants within the Maasai Mara in the face of poaching and expanding human development, the Mara Elephant Project is a boots-on-the-ground initiative with a particular focus on solving human/wildlife conflict, as elephants wander outside of protected areas and into nearby communities.

    Entry fees donated to the MEP will be used to fund ranger patrol teams, and purchase much-needed equipment — including new collars to track the movements of over 20 elephants in the region.

  • The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


    Widely regarded & respected as the world’s foremost orphaned elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre, The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is both a Kenyan and African icon – and not-to-be-missed on a visit to Nairobi. Lesser known is that in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service The SWT also offers Kenya’s finest mobile veterinary services.

    Entry fees donated to The SWT will be used to fund much needed blood-diagnostic equipment for their mobile Mara veterinary unit, allowing them to immediately and accurately analyze samples in the field.

  • The MAA Trust


    Working in partnership with Maasai-owned conservancies to the north of the reserve, the Maa Trust aims to improve the lives of local Maasai families in an environmentally sustainable way, through a variety of projects which include schools, honey production, conservation education, beadwork, water and sanitation, health clinics and bursary programs.

    Entry fees donated to The Maa Trust will be used to support local Maasai children by addressing the root causes of girls dropping out of school, and career counselling for the youth.