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© VijayRam Harinathan

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  • Size: A1 (594 x 841 mm)
  • Printed on Fine Art Paper (smooth matt, 230gsm)
  • Please allow 4 weeks for delivery
  • After costs, all funds raised are split equally between the competition’s conservation partners and the photographer.

Delicate balance

$ 350.00

includes printing, packaging and global delivery

While driving back to the camp, we came across this serene moment where the giraffe was feeding on the acacia tree. She was relaxed and seemed to be taking her bites slowly. With no distractions in the foreground or background, this was a clean image to frame waiting for the subject’s head turn. We spent about 10 minutes watching it feed and during that window, it occurred to me how one misses such subtle yet symbiotic moments in the wild. The moment was so serene and simple completely masking nature’s complex interdependencies. Both need each other and evolve around each other. Any harm to either disturbs their “delicate balance”.

By VijayRam Harinathan in aid of Mara Elephant Project