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A Good Hunt

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We had been keeping an eye on these two male Cheetah (the remaining two from the legendary Tano Bora) for a number of days as they are known to be proficient and daring hunters. On this particular day, we found the two boys resting under a bush in the heat of the day and we settled down for what we thought could be a long wait before they would start hunting. Suddenly, a hapless lone Topi came running towards where the Cheetah were lying and, as quick as a flash, the Cheetah went from resting into hunting mode. Reacting almost as quickly as the Cheetah, my guide and friend Jackson Ole Ronko made a very educated guess as to how the Topi would run when attacked by the Cheetah and he moved our vehicle into what he felt was the best position to watch the chase and get good images. Knowing one’s camera and getting all the settings right for a chase as well as being able to track and maintain focus on a Cheetah running at 100kph through your viewfinder is obviously critical to get a good image. But it’s actually the easy part. The hard part is understanding the behaviour of the animals and the terrain and for a guide to use this knowledge to position clients in a way that will maximise their chances of getting a good picture. I mean, if you are in the wrong place when the chase happens, all your camera settings and photographic skills are irrelevant. In this regard, the guides at Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp are FANTASTIC. Particularly my friend Jackson who got me into the perfect position to capture what came next. The Cheetah used some bushes as cover and the Topi did not see them coming until it was too late. He turned and ran in our direction, doing his best to get away. But the Cheetah were too fast and caught up to him within seconds, leaping onto the Topi just 30m away from us. After a short struggle, the Cheetah managed to get him onto the ground and it was all over within a few minutes

By Ivan Glaser in aid of The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust