William Fortescue

William first went to the Maasai Mara in 2012 as an 'intern' at Governer's Camp when he was just 18. It was an incredible opportunity for him and the platform for his photography career as he then spent 3 months in the heart of the Mara. Since then he has gained a first class degree in Marine and Natural History Photography and following stints living in the UK and Australia has returned to Governor's to take on the role of resident photographer. Will's greatest moment in the Mara was in 2013 when he witnessed 4 lionesses kill a buffalo and as they brought it down, a group of 15-20 hyena descended on them. Neither party felt like they had the strength to fight off the other so instead the hyenas took one side of the kill and the lionesses the other. It was incredible to see two such fierce foes share a kill, something he has never seen again.

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