Vicki Jauron

Vicki finds great joy being out in nature - seeing, discovering and enjoying time spent with birds and wildlife. Her images have been published in books, magazines, and educational materials worldwide through Getty Images, but she feels she is just starting her journey. Vicki continues to work toward learning from others and enhancing her photographic and story-telling skills with an aim toward using her work to inspire support for conservation. She recently published a Children’s Book based on her images to instil a love of nature in the future generation. Vicki’s favourite moment in the Mara was witnessing the Great Migration in 2017, her first time in the Mara. Her group took a huge risk driving an hour to the other side of the river, hoping the herd wouldn’t cross in the meantime. They just made it across and were able to position themselves perfectly to get the herd running and leaping toward them down a steep incline.

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