Paolo Torchio

Born in Turin, Italy, in 1961, Paolo Torchio came to Kenya in 1990. As a professional wildlife photographer, Paolo has travelled widely in Kenya, Tanzania and other parts of Africa, India and Madagascar. Paolo’s work has appeared in international publications such as Oasis, in his native Italy, BBC Wildlife Magazine and books of Africa Geographic. Paolo is adamant that photography has a decisive role to play in securing Africa's wildlife and their long-term conservation. Paolo was a 2018 finalist and is also the finalist for January 2020. Paolo’s greatest moment in Mara was on the bank of the river while waiting for one of the first wildebeest crossings of the year. He intended to take pictures of the very hungry crocs, but a few seconds after the beginning of the awaited crossing, a huge male leopard came out from nowhere and killed a young wildebeest in the middle of the mayhem and in full daylight. One of the most exciting and unexpected moments of his life.

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