Julie Grohs

Julie is a photographer and traveler with a great passion for wildlife. She has been an equine veterinarian for nearly 40 years. Her passion is creating images of wildlife in motion and attempts to find the character, intent and athletics in her pictures. She hopes that her work behind the lens will inspire others to maintain the treasure that wildlife is in our world. Julie's greatest moment in the Mara was one morning after she had been watching lions, specifically the courtship of a male and female, when suddenly a second male appeared over the crest of a hill and charged onto the scene. Wisely, the female quietly made her exit to the right. With claws out, teeth bared and fur flying the two males brought raw power to the grassy slopes of the Mara landscape. She followed the action to the end of the fight when the original male made his way back to the female. The images and memories still cause an elevation in her heart rate.

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