Jules Oldroyd

Jules Oldroyd’s wildlife journey began 20 years ago when she went on her first safari in Tanzania. Her job was stressful and just being in the wild enabled her to completely unplug and be at one with nature and those endless African skies.

Then in 2009, she decided to go on her first photographic safari to improve her photography. She bought her first Canon SLR and so began what became a lifelong passion.

Another defining moment was when she joined National Geographic in 2012. As a senior executive in the programming team, part of her job was to lead the strategy for Nat Geo Wild internationally and curate the programming line-up for the yearly Big Cat stunt to help support Big Cat conservation.

Working at National Geographic also meant she was able to meet and spend time with some of the world’s best photographers, explorers and filmmakers, giving her another opportunity to learn and be inspired by their stories.

Unfortunately, she was made redundant at the end 2020 as part of a corporate restructure and returned to London from Washington DC in 2021. Rather than pursue another job in media, she decided to follow her passion for wildlife photography and focused on improving her portfolio and growing her business selling limited edition fine art prints.

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