Amish Chhagan

Amish is a Zambia-raised, award-winning wildlife and conservation photographer based out of Barcelona, Spain. Growing up in Zambia had its unique charms. He had to be creative to find entertainment outside school hours and a lot of that time was spent exploring the outdoors and was fortunate to be in close proximity to the African flora and fauna. The glaring contrasts between the urban city where he grew up and the wilderness was apparent from a young age. The serenity of these vast lands, the blissful feelings it created, and the excitement of spotting wildlife transpired within him; more so when he found photography (or when photography found him).

Amish's mission is to create visually striking and thought-provoking images that engage and inspire the viewer, as well as drawing attention to the importance of conservation. His role as a wildlife photographer exists because there are beautiful and spectacular moments to capture in the wild, but therein exists an important duty to the preservation and conservation of the wilderness and its natural habitat. This gives him a bigger sense of responsibility as a human and photographer to use his work to showcase the beauty of the once abundant wildlife on this planet.

He is constantly seeking out new sources of inspiration, pushing the boundaries of his craft and not afraid to take risks to create truly original and memorable fine art photographs.

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