Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a global leader in elephant conservation and one of Africa’s most established wildlife charities. Founded in 1977 by Dame Daphne Sheldrick, it is best known for its pioneering work rescuing orphaned elephants and reintegrating them back into the wild. Over the year, the Trust has evolved into a multi-dimensional conservation body, tackling the greatest threats facing Kenya’s natural world and engaging local communities in the the process. It has successfully raised over 260 orphaned elephants through its renowned Orphans’ Project, while its habitat preservation programmes and anti-poaching, aerial surveillance and mobile veterinary units secure a future for all manner of wildlife.

In the last year, Kenya has been grappling with its worst drought in decades and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has worked to provide emergency support across the country. Funds raised through the competition have been used for activities such as supplemental food and water for wildlife, community food donations, life-saving operations to treat and rescue wildlife, fighting fires in conservation areas and more. In 2022 alone, the Trust rescued more orphaned elephants than the previous five years combined.