Your entry fee will be donated to the conservation partner selected during the entry submission process.

Entry fees donated to the Angama Foundation will be used to fund ongoing investment in education, conservation and healthcare in the Maasai Mara.

Entry fees donated to The Maa Trust will be used to support local Maasai children by addressing the root causes of girls dropping out of school, and career counselling for the youth.

Entry fees donated to the Anne K. Taylor Fund will be used to fund anti-poaching patrols as well as to community projects such as school infrastructure and women’s empowerment initiatives.

Entry fees donated to the Mara Elephant Project will be used to fund ranger patrol teams, and purchase much-needed equipment — including new collars to track the movements of over 20 elephants in the region.

Entry fees donated to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust will be used for its elephant orphan project, as well as anti-poaching and mobile veterinary support units.

Entry fees donated to the Mara Conservancy will be used to support existing operations — including anti-poaching and de-snaring patrols within the Mara Triangle — and increasing the number of game scouts in neighbouring communities.