Preeti and Prashant Chacko

Camera: D500

Lens: 70-200 f2.8

Aperture: F/9

Shutter speed: 320

ISO: 3200

Description: A young lion waits in forlorn anticipation for its elder siblings to finish feasting on a wildebeest.

Story from behind the lens: The huge Sopa pride had just taken down a wildebeest and we were fortunate to be the only vehicle there and that too quite close to the feeding action. The pride was so massive that only the largest and most aggressive of its members got to feast. Others like this younger sibling had to content itself with waiting for its turn, head resting forlornly on a feasting family member.

We try not to capture gory scenes in our work and this lions pose helped us get a unique perspective on a typical feeding scene.