Tracy Miller

Camera: Canon 5D Mk IV

Lens: Sigma 150-600

Aperture: 6.3

Shutter speed: 1/4000

ISO: 2000

Description: The lilac breasted roller is not just my favourite bird but is also the national bird of Kenya. Each visit to the Mara sees me trying to get a better shot of these beauties, especially in flight.

Story from behind the lens: The sun had just risen, bathing the long red oat grass in a gorgeous golden glow. I was actually focused on getting a hyena portrait from a group of them nearby (they had made off with the spoils of a successful lion hunt). Suddenly I saw the familiar flash of turquoise from the corner of my eye. I had seconds to swing round, spin the ISO dial on the camera to achieve a faster shutter speed and fire off a few shots. I love the richness of colours with the grass as the background rather than the sky.