Tracy Miller

Camera: Canon 5D Mark iv

Lens: Sigma 150 - 600

Aperture: f6.3

Shutter speed: 1/250

ISO: 8000

Description: If you think the facial expression on this magnificent male looks a little like "what happened? What did I do?" then you'd be right.

Story from behind the lens: We spent a wonderful afternoon in the company of this lion and his best buddy. They had slumbered under trees, shaken their manes in a downpour (what a treat) and swaggered across the plains towards the sunset where they rolled and slumbered a bit more until a female came along. So far, a good day. However the feisty female was in no mood for male company and made this very clear. So with the very last light of the day, I captured our boy here looking a little bewildered. I know many are opposed to the anthropomorphism of animals in the wild but after a lifetime spent with cats, I believe they have moods!