Nikhil Kshirsagar

Camera: Nikon Z6ii

Lens: Sigma 150-600m Contemporary

Aperture: f5.0

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 500

Description: Hyena Cubs waiting for their parents to come home.

Story from behind the lens: Our safari driver came across a random hole in the ground on our search for the elusive African Leopard. Instead of just driving by he stopped. Those were the last hours of daylight and a jet lagged me dozed off. After about an hour of wait, I was woken up by a baby hyena howl and out popped a single heyna cub's head. In the next minute one more and then there were three. I kept looking at them through my view-finder until the opportune moment to click: All three looked right into my camera lens. Never thought one of the cutest photos I would click in the Mara would be of Hyenas