Paul Dunphy

Camera: Sony a1

Lens: Sony 24-105 G lens

Aperture: f4.0

Shutter speed: 1/320

ISO: 800

Description: A group of eland standing on the savanna as rain, clouds and sunlight move across the sky.

Story from behind the lens: One evening it was mostly overcast and raining intermittently so my guide Lenkoko and I drove around chasing clouds and light. I was very happy to capture this group of eland posing under a big Kenyan sky. One of my photographic goals on this safari was to capture wildlife images which included the environment/landscape in which they live. Including the landscape provides a more complete story of the tranquility and beauty of life in the Mara. Although 14,000km away, this scene reminds me of Alberta, where I grew up. Rolling prairie grassland under a dramatic sky with a slash of light in the foreground, a curtain of rain in the middle distance, along with sunlit clouds and foothills in the distance.