Hetal Teeku Patel

Camera: Nikon Z6

Lens: 500mm ED PF f5.6mm

Aperture: f/5.6

Shutter speed: 1/1250

ISO: 800

Description: Sala's Boys v Young Black Rockers

Story from behind the lens: The lion roars started around 4am right outside camp leading to an end of the year drama filled early morning! The dominant three Sala’s boys chased off the younger black rock boys initially for a good 8-10 kms and then seemed to run out of steam, got separated and then the things turned around with young Black Rock Males Lekijana & Kijana corning Orkitok as seen here and soon after got Osapuk. The young boys didn't go for the kill maybe inexperience here though did inflict a couple of bite wounds to the rear and back legs of Orkitok. The injuries don’t look life threatening though a power shift in lion dynamics is ongoing for 2023. How the tables have turned!