Jackie Downey

Camera: Canon 5D mk4

Lens: 100-400mm

Aperture: F8

Shutter speed: 2000s

ISO: 640

Description: Cheetah Mum Kweli watches her 3 cubs hunt, and do well

Story from behind the lens: While in OMC - we had seen Kweli already flush out a baby fawn - which she quickly caught, and the family ate without any fuss. It was not a big meal for 4 hungry cheetahs. Then, as they were walking away, and we were also getting ready to move, one of the cubs suddenly darted away and flushed out their own meal. The other cubs quickly joined in the chase, as mum watched to see how their hunting skills were improving. The cubs did play with it for a while, all part of their training for adult life - and then Kweli went in and killed it - she was obviously still hungry. They then went off, no doubt to look for more fawns, as it was birthing time for them. At least family had had someting to keep them going until their next meal.