Matrishva Vyas

Camera: Nikon Z9

Lens: Nikon 180-600 mm f/5.6-6.3

Aperture: 7.1

Shutter speed: 1/2000

ISO: 500

Description: Cubs of Cheetah mother Nashipae practicing the hunt on a baby Gazelle, as mother looks on with curiosity.

Story from behind the lens: It was early morning and we were lucky to see Nashipae with her 4 babies. After resting for a while she moved on. Clearly she was on a hunt. Herd of Gazelle was grazing at a distance, she moves and sensing her movement all members of herd started running for their life, but for this baby who chose to hide itself and play dead. Probably Nashipae noticed this. She moved carefully and once she was at an approachable distance started the run. Baby panicked and it also ran to save itself. But Nashipae was obviously faster, she grabbed the baby. Brought it to her cubs and then dropped it in front of them to allow them to practice hunting. Mother teaches, trains and prepares the next generation !