Pareet Shah

Camera: Sony A7R3

Lens: SONY 16-35 GM

Aperture: f3.5

Shutter speed: 1/8000

ISO: 500

Description: Giraffes at dusk watching a huge storm coming in.

Story from behind the lens: We were driving looking for a leopard when all of a sudden, I heard thunder behind us. When I looked around, I saw a huge thunderstorm and dark clouds building up. We also noticed some giraffes not too far so I asked the Guide to drive the car in a position that we could get the clouds behind them. Then, I could see an opening in the clouds where the sun was peeking out from - and this opening was moving really quickly from left to right (due to the high speed winds). I knew that at one point the giraffes would be in this light so we waited for a few minutes - settings were all ready and dialed into the camera. I had about 15 seconds to shoot some frame of this magical moment as it happened.