kb chandra

Camera: Sony A1

Lens: Sony 400mm f2.8 TC 1.4x

Aperture: f/16

Shutter speed: 1/8

ISO: 50

Description: A few hundred Cape Buffaloes started a stampede early morning in the Mara through the long grass on a gradual slope

Story from behind the lens: It was very early in the morning when I saw this very large herd of cape buffaloes peacefully grazing in the long grass. Their sheer numbers were breathtaking and we (my guide and I) were debating how many hundreds there were. After sometime we decided to move on as there was no action. Suddenly out of the blue the herd started running amazingly fast creating a loud sound like thunder. The large numbers and the sound took us by awe. They may have been threatened by the lions (Topi pride) we did not see. After a few seconds I decided to change my settings quickly and go for a panning shot of the buffaloes mostly hidden in the long grass at a distance below us. Lucky to have witnessed this rare event. Thanks to my guide Daniel.