Heike Bartkowiak

Camera: Sony A7R3

Lens: FE 100-400 GM OSS

Aperture: F5,6

Shutter speed: 1/6400s

ISO: 320

Description: The whole week was very cloudy and rainy. We had only this morning to capture a sunrise. Our Guides James and Alfred find the perfect place. The sun came up and it was amazing.

Story from behind the lens: It was my third journey to the Masai Mara, and I am grateful for these opportunities. In my opinion, neither words nor pictures can describe the Masai Mara in its uniqueness. You have to feel it with all your senses to be able to grasp this special place with its colors, lights, smells and sounds. This morning I had the feeling of being the audience of a stage and the Mara lifted her curtain for a brief moment and let us feel this uniqueness.