Gaurav Kundarap

Camera: Sony a6600

Lens: Sonu 200-600mm

Aperture: f6.3

Shutter speed: 1/1000s

ISO: 640

Description: Picture of a 10000 strong wildebeest herd crossing the Mara river.

Story from behind the lens: As part of my visit to the Masai Mara reserve, I was hoping to witness the crossing of a herd. We waited for four long days, but nothing happened. We even spent the whole day by the various crossing points, skipped lunch and stayed out in the hot sun all day - but to no avail. Eventually, on the morning of the 5th day, we saw that a large herd had gathered overnight, and just as we reached the river, it started to cross! The crossing lasted for an entire hour, and we estimated approx 10000 animals crossed over.

Thanks to our Mamai Tira (our guide and driver from Mario Tours) we got a good spot at the river bank to see this amazing spectacle unfold before us.