Julie Grohs

Camera: NikonD5

Lens: 600mm

Aperture: 6.6

Shutter speed: 1/2

ISO: 2000

Description: In migration river crossings, the zebra always seem to have a hard time making up their minds to cross. In this case these four seemed take the role of spotting for predators in the river.

Story from behind the lens: This was my first trip to Kenya, first time to experience the Great Migration, and day 5 of the adventure. By this time I had learned to keep the camera turned to the "jumping" spots but these four caught my entering the river over a long shallow sand bar with many false starts. I may have missed a few high scoring wildebeest leaps by following the zebra, but I'm really happy with the behavior displayed by the zebra in this environment with the benefit of high contrast conditions.