Vishnu Shah

Camera: Nikon z6

Lens: 70-300mm

Aperture: 5.6

Shutter speed: 125

ISO: 125

Description: I intended to photograph a leopard climbing a tree, and my camera position was set to capture the leopard coming down from the tree, but she unexpectedly went into a better scene and a better pose.

Story from behind the lens: We were driving along a small stream, and suddenly, another car saw a leopard walk through the bushes. As we drove further ahead, we were scanning to see where she had gone. The driver saw another leopard on the tree enjoying its zebra meal. As we began to take photos, we saw the first leopard strolling through the green grass, ready to climb the tree. When she climbed up the tree, she reunited with her daughter and that’s when we realised that they were Fig and Faulu! After staying together for a while, Fig came down. And as she's descending, she strikes the ideal pose in a gap in the tree. Afterwards, her daughter joins her down, and they disappear into the bushes where it is hard to see them.