Lee-Anne Robertson

Camera: Canon 1DX

Lens: 400MM

Aperture: 2.8

Shutter speed: 1/3200

ISO: 2000

Description: See description under "story" as it didnt want to load here.

Story from behind the lens: A pride of lions was resting under the trees early evening, just beginning to stir from the days sleeping, when a troop of baboons came walking by. Fast as lighting one lioness charged and grabbed this baboon, killing it swiftly. It was hard to watch as the baboons are so humanlike in their behavior. The rest of the pride followed, also killing another baboon. Masai Mara, Kenya It was late in the afternoon when we came across a pride of lions resting. Soon they began to stir and lazily started moving around. Suddenly one lioness spotted a troop of baboons and in a flash began the hunt, amidst great noise and commotion by the baboons. She managed to catch this poor mama and soon the rest of the pride also caught another baboon which the cubs hungrily devoured. We left soon afterwards as we had to get to our camp leaving the hungry lions to their dinner.