Camera: CANON R7

Lens: CANON RF 100-500

Aperture: F/9

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 5000

Description: Lionesses from the Marsh Pride covered by mud in the Musiara marsh

Story from behind the lens: On August 5th 2023, at the end of the day, 6 Lionesses and 1 sub-adult ("Oleku") from Marsh Pride attacked a buffalo in the Musiara marsh. The lioness fully covered by mud was under the buffalo while trying to make the kiss of death. She has been literally dragged in the mud by the buffalo, while other lionesses and the sub-adult were jumping on his back. At some point, those 3 lionesses were very tired and they took a break during the attack : they let the other 4 taking care of the buffalo while they were resting a bit. One of the lioness is hissing on a second one that was digging in the mud... while the 3rd one, fully covered by mud, was probably just taking some rest and seems to be pissed off. They finally got their meal after a long and grueling fight, more than 1 hour in the swamp.