Camera: NIKON Z 6II

Lens: NIKON Z 24/200

Aperture: 6,3

Shutter speed: 1/20 SEC

ISO: 200

Description: The light was over, like my hope for a river crossing after the all day waiting for it. But suddenly everyting happened...

Story from behind the lens: After a very long day waiting for a river crossing without any good, I was almost leaving the bank of the Mara to the very far away campsite, but suddenly someting happened in the darkness: the wildebeest remaining near the river decided to start a very late crossing. Hundred of them started running down from the hills to join the small herd in the water. The light was scarce, so I decided for a difficult shot : with an extremely long exposure allowing the wildebeest in motion almost disappear in the water, I kept the camera on the zebrastill in the water, creating the surreal contrast between the moving wildebest and the motionless zebra in the dark lite.