Jackie Downey

Camera: Canon 5d mk4

Lens: 100-400m mk2

Aperture: F7.1

Shutter speed: 1/500

ISO: 1000

Description: The leopard Fig and daughter Faulu meeting up in the Reserve.

Story from behind the lens: We'd seen Faulu alone in the Reserve and were wondering where her mother Fig was, as Faulu was now increasing being seen alone, so the time for them parting permanently was surely soon. We then found Fig alone and following her was able to watch them reunite. It was a beautiful moment, as they greeted each other. Not for a minute did I think that this would be one of the last sightings that I would have of the lovely Fig, or that they would be permanently parted by the untimely death of Fig earlier this year, so this image means more now than ever. Fig was a legend, and will be sorely missed by many, I hope that Faulu can follow strongly in her footsteps.