victoria wiciel

Camera: Canon EOS R6

Lens: 100-400mm

Aperture: f5.6

Shutter speed: 1/10000

ISO: 640

Description: The tatu bora crossing the mighty Talek River

Story from behind the lens: I will always remember this moment.

The tatu bora were relaxing by the Talek River. We waited for them to cross in the expectation that they would. We decided to drive to the other side, when it appeared that they were spending the morning lounging under the tree. Within moments of us leaving, we received word that they were up and moving. I recall the rush, enthusiasm and excitement with which we all felt in the truck to try to make it back to see the boys jump across the river. The event itself was a blur; time seemed to fly by as we were photographing them, the cheetahs leaped across with the look of distaste of the water and fear in their eyes of the predators that could lurk below, the event lasted less than thirty seconds, but in the moment felt timeless.