Fernando Morales Roca

Camera: Nikon D800

Lens: Nikon 200-500 F5.6

Aperture: F5.6

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 640

Description: I took advantage of his minutes of rest to get a close-up of his face and continue observing his behavior

Story from behind the lens: I followed this beautiful cheetah from to distance. Was looking for some prey. There was a moment that stood at the shadow of a tree to rest. I approached I could, I wanted to get a close-up of his face, I have always been attracted to his tears. The Cheetahs hunts in broad daylight, his tears they are believed to avoid the brightness of sunlight in their search for prey. But there is also an African legend that tells how the cheetah got its characteristic spots known as 'tear spots', since these spots seem to spill from their eyes. Legend has it that a mother cheetah, believing that her puppies had been stolen by an unscrupulous hunter, decided to leave the prey she had just obtained to look for them. Cheetah mom looked for them and looked for them. Meanwhile, the hunter stole the prey that the cheetah had hunted with great effort. Upon arrival, he discovered that they had run out of food. In addition, their puppies still did not appear. The cheetah cried so much that his tears were creating spots on his skin.