Camera: SONY A1

Lens: SONY 200-400MM

Aperture: F/4

Shutter speed: 1/1250

ISO: 250

Description: A Lion charging image

Story from behind the lens: That day I had one of the most successful days in photography. Before we started our day along with my guide, we decided to go to Black Rock area in Masai Mara to check the lions over there and then to see the famous male leopard Split Nose.

On the way we heard that split nose is resting on a tree with his kill. And Sadam decided to see him first. We had some good photos of him in the beautiful light. Waited for a few minutes and my guide told me he is very stubborn, sometime he never comes down the tree. So, we decided to move from there and went directly to Black Rock area. After searching for few minutes, we found two male lions and two females. One was a mating pair. And this particular Lion was lying over the rock and after some time he slept off. In the meantime, the other Lion got up and started to mate. And in the end, he made a loud roaring noise and this Lion got up and was about to charge at him. And within a split of a second I had a chance to click 2 or 3 photos.