Ramdane Dris

Camera: Canon r5

Lens: RF 100-500 + extender rf 1.4

Aperture: F10

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 12800

Description: Lionesses hunting zebra

Story from behind the lens: On our first day at Royal Mara Camp, Twala and i ( friend for 7 years) are slowly getting on the road for a 15 days straight together. We spend an average of 9 hours straight on the plain, no lunch in camp :) What we didn’t know is after 20 minutes only we received a call from another guide telling us that 5 males of the Off beat pride a not far from and a female leopard is just above them patiently resting on a tree. Ok good start…as we driving we noticed two lionesses in the bushes stalking.. another vehicle right in front of us didn’t even see it. We stopped the vehicle and quickly we saw that 4 zebras were heading to a the waterhole .. We barely had time to position the vehicle and me to set my camera. Very experienced lionesses they waited until the zebras started drinking before a lightning attack. They first catch the zebra inside the waterhole so we couldn’t see anything but the zebra managed to escape till the second lioness caught up and they finally took it down…i missed few shots unfortunately we didn’t anticipated the second catch coming so close from our vehicle!! But can’t complain :))