Leif Austad

Camera: Cannon Powershot

Lens: 21-1350

Aperture: 5.6

Shutter speed: 1/500

ISO: 100

Description: The second of two male lions assists with the kill of a cow cape buffalo

Story from behind the lens: The male lion we had been watching suddenly sat up, intent on what was happening in the distance. We followed as he trotted quickly downhill in the evening light. At the bottom of the slope, three lionesses and their cubs were struggling with a bull buffalo. A calf was dead a few yards away, the youngest cubs already attempting to open it. The male added his weight to the attack and they quickly finished the kill. Then we became aware of a cow buffalo 100 meters away, lying down. The lead lioness, having just released her hold on the bulls nose, ran towards the cow. She expertly avoided a hook from the cow and latched onto her nose. Moments later both males joined the attack and leveraged the cow to the ground. The entire second kill took perhaps a minute from beginning to end.