Lori Dove

Camera: Canon R5

Lens: Canon 100-500

Aperture: F8

Shutter speed: 2000

ISO: 400

Description: A single zebra amongst the many wildebeest fighting to swim to the shore

Story from behind the lens: The migration is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can be a part of! During one crossing we had a front row seat to thousands and thousands of wildebeest making their way across the river. Scattered amongst the wildebeest were small groups of zebra trying their best to swim within the herds. Approximately 30 minutes into the crossing we noticed the wildebeest beginning to bunch up at the exit point. Many were having a hard time getting out as some had fallen and couldn't get back on their feet. As the backup grew further into the middle of the river many animals looked panic ! It became a very chaotic scene and you could sense the exhaustion setting in on those that couldn't reach the shore. Eventually most would make it but some gave up and gave in to their exhaustion.