Tracy Miller

Camera: Canon R6ii

Lens: Canon RF 100-500

Aperture: f10

Shutter speed: 1/3200

ISO: 1000

Description: We spent quite some time with this mating pair (or 'honeymoon lions' as they're often referred to).

Story from behind the lens: We had actually just left another pair of lions and were driving near the border of the Mara and Tanzania when we came across this king and his queen. The courtship / mating ritual between lions is so interesting to observe. I love the posturing and snarling of the male and the come-hither sashay of the female as she leads him a few feet to a suitable spot. There she will briefly submit to him before dispatching him with a swipe and snarl of her own before rolling over to snooze in the grass. The male may look like he was in charge here but the lioness was very much leading the dance.