Charles Janson

Camera: Nikon Z 9

Lens: Sony 400mm f2.8 G OSS

Aperture: f2.8

Shutter speed: 1/1000s

ISO: 72

Description: A baby elephant moves with the herd, closely surrounded by siblings of various ages, its mother and other herd members

Story from behind the lens: The elephants had been drinking from a shallow pool and were headed out. The herd, which had been dispersed, came together to travel. It proved impossible to get 'clean' images of the baby elephant because there was always another elephant in front or behind it. I decided that the story was in fact not the baby by itself by the baby immersed in its extended family herd. I switched to trying to find situations where the baby was almost obscured by other elephants, while still being able to see it clearly. Luckily it was somewhat paler than the older animals, so it was easy to spot and compose.