Tonya Hetrick

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T7i

Lens: Canon Ultrasonic

Aperture: 4.5

Shutter speed: 640

ISO: 100

Description: Lioness steals a wildebeest Leopard strike.

Story from behind the lens: Thousands of Wildebeests were waiting to cross the Mara river. They hadn’t crossed since August. As we were waiting, a large leopard approached. We took some shots of him then had to move as the herd was about to cross and they would be coming strait at us. As we were shooting pictures of the crossing from our new location, two lioness walked directly behind our vehicle. We followed them. The leopard had stuck a wildebeest and the lioness chased him off. The wildebeest was injured but not dead. As it tried to escape, the lioness took it down. The lioness took the opportunity to steal a meal and I stole the opportunity to get the shot.