Clement Kiragu

Camera: Canon EOS 5DSR

Lens: Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Sports

Aperture: 6.3

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 800

Description: This is a beautiful portrait of a stalking leopard as the first light of the day hits the African landscape.

Story from behind the lens: His name is Son of Saba as my guide explained. I got to photograph him a lot in April of 2017 as part of my search of knowledge of Big Cat behaviour. On this specific trip, I spent many days with him, I would start at the crack of dawn with searching for him, spend my entire day with him and leave when there was no more light. As I patiently waited to observe how this young leopard spent its life, I learnt that he was most active during the early hours of the morning. On this specific day, he was watching some antelopes that were coming close to the river. When they started drinking, he woke up, and started stalking them. I got this image during his first quick steps and he moved so fast for me to get more images.