Nashipae Wilde

Camera: Nikons D850

Lens: 200mm

Aperture: F/11

Shutter speed: 1100

ISO: 2000

Description: Halftail the dominant male Lion of the Marsh Pride dispelled the myth that the Lionesses do most of the hunting

Story from behind the lens: The famous Marsh Pride Lions surrounded a Buffalo trapped in the marshy waters. The Lionesses including Yaya jumped onto its back to bring it down but the fearsome Buffalo used its horns to throw them off nearly spearing one. The dominant males and cubs looked on frustrated and hungry until Halftail took the lead. He jumped into its back biting hard down subduing it. The Buffalo tried to throw him off but Halftail was too strong. Halftail dispelled the myth the males do not hunt and will not enter water. He successfully killed the Buffalo providing a much needed meal for the pride.