Janis Hurley

Camera: Sony a1

Lens: Sony 400mm f2.8

Aperture: 2.8

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 3200

Description: Young lion atop a termite mound at sunset

Story from behind the lens: We were photographing a pride of lions in late afternoon in the Mara. It was chaos, as there were many young cubs rolling and running and wrestling. There were lionesses monitoring the whole scene. There were safari trucks and photographers jockeying for position. We tried to avoid all the commotion and still make some images. After the sunset, most of the vehicles had gone. There were still a few lions atop a few mounds. For this image I wanted to get the dramatic background color of the sky and the silhouette of the youngster. I lowered my camera, he was close and high on the termite mound, looking very calm and confident, as if dreaming of the future to come.