James Laskin

Camera: Sony A7iii

Lens: Tamron 150-500mm at 385mm

Aperture: f9

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 800

Description: Siblings

Story from behind the lens: April 4, 2023 first day out with the amazing Alison (Ntimama) and Dan Mpoe from FISI Camp (my 4th trip with these 2 amazing young men). As per usual up and out at sunrise and cruising the Mara and we came across this sweet family of Giraffes (Mom, calf and sibling) were just being a family. The little one was (according to Alison and Dan) about a day old, as the umbilical cord was still present and the little one lay down every 15 min or so. We hung out for about an hour watching the care and love these animals have for each other - taking way too many photos. I am an aspiring beginner and I think that this was the best of the lot.