Carol Hamcke-Onstwedder

Camera: Nikon Z7II

Lens: Nikkor 100-400 f4.5-5.0

Aperture: f5.6

Shutter speed: 1/80

ISO: 800

Description: Leopard "shake shot" in the Mara. Superbly positioned on this mound, with no obstructions between us. Wanted to capture the flow of the rain and the leopard. And then it did the "shake"

Story from behind the lens: We had followed this leopard through the rain and the forest/bushes in the Mara for quite some time. Rain never stops our drivers for getting the shot. At one point we saw that the leopard had stopped and was sitting magnificently on this mound. A perfect portrait. However, I had wanted to capture the rain falling so I slowed down my shutter speed. I wanted something to put the leopard in its wet environment. Focussed on the leopard at all times....and then it gave this big shake to get the rain water off its fur. This was so exciting to capture this moment. Rain and "shake".