Amrein Mahmood

Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX500

Lens: 24-720mm F3.5-6.4

Aperture: F6.3

Shutter speed: 1/250 sec.

ISO: 80

Description: A leopard using the tree as a vantage point to search for prey

Story from behind the lens: This image was taken exactly 10 days ago on the 15th September 2022. It was the 3rd out the 4th day of our first ever safari trip. It was the 3rd day of using a camera rather than a mobile phone to take a picture. We were very fortunate as by this point we had seen 4 out of the Big 5. The leopard being the only one missing. We were heading back to our lodge at around 6pm after an afternoon game drive when we could hear birds calling out frantically. Our Safari Guide Joseph managed to spot this beauty forcing the birds to flee the tree they were resting in. As Joseph was positioning the Land Rover, I was taken aback by how beautiful and majestic this creature was. Joseph explained how leopards like to take their prey up into trees to protect it from scavengers such as hyenas and vultures. He further explained how they use trees as resting and vantage points to scour the plains for their next target to satisfy their hunger. I positioned my camera and captured this shot of the leopard perched on a branch with the plains in the background. This image captures the entire trip for me. The natural beauty of the plains and the magic of the animals. There is no other place like this.