Erin Clark

Camera: Canon EOS R

Lens: RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM

Aperture: f18

Shutter speed: 1/250

ISO: 3200

Description: One of four of the Tano Bora Brothers Five finally satiated with a full belly

Story from behind the lens: We saw four of the 5 famous brothers hunting just the day before this photo, (the 5th was off courting a female).

They tried and missed chasing a lone topi in the middle of that very hot July day. We were told they hadn't eaten for two days, because their kills were stolen by the lions, more than once, the day prior.

These boys were VERY hungry, their bellies were concave with the lack of food and you could see their energy was low…

The morning of this photo, not long after sunrise for our first game drive of the day, we stopped to scan the horizon across the Sand River on the Tanzania side, with our binoculars, looking for some action. This is where the migrations were gathering and lining up to cross to Kenya.

We couldn't believe our eyes! Those same 4 brothers from yesterday had travelled a very long way, approximately 30 kilometers in search of a meal. Our driver, Tobiko, was amazed at how far they had traveled from the day before.

We could see the zebras and wildebeest pointed their direction, watching intently and the sleek cats were stalking them… we rushed as fast as you can on the bumpy roads of the Masai Mara to get across the river, over to where they were in hopes of seeing the chase - it took a half hour though. We had missed it, though.

We pulled up to see that the boys had hunted and succeeded. The brothers had made quick work of their prize - all that was left of the remains of an unfortunate wildebeest, being shared by the nimble siblings.

This particular boy looked up at me with a nonthreatening, but determined satisfaction as he continued to gorge himself with fresh meat. His belly was four times as large as it was the day before. It looked like he would eventually pop. Thanks to their cooperation, working together, they were finally satiated.