Jules Oldroyd

Camera: Canon R5

Lens: 400mm 2.8 III

Aperture: F2.8

Shutter speed: 1/125

ISO: 3200

Description: Lioness from Sempu Enkare pride rests on granite rock on an overcast morning in Naboisho conservancy

Story from behind the lens: We found most of the Sampu Enkare pride early one morning. This is one of the biggest prides in Naboisho conservancy & we counted 20 lions, but three of the lionesses were missing, presumably hunting. This lone lioness was keeping a vigilant watch on the cubs & sub adults whilst resting on this rock. I waited patiently until she turned in our direction and made eye contact & captured this image. As it was a very overcast cloudy morning I was already thinking that this would work well in black & white, overexposing the image so that they sky was white contrasting with the granite rock.