Camera: Fuji XT3

Lens: 200MM F2 +1.4TC

Aperture: 2.8

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 5000

Description: Olope the king of the Monika Pride shaking off rain water.

Story from behind the lens: This is Olope of the Masai Mara, who is now sadly deceased. I observed him lying in a thicket of tress for about an hour as the rains fell hard. I was in my vehicle lying flat on my stomach, just waiting for him to shake off the water, ensuring I had a fast enough shutter speed to keep the eye in focus. It was a real effort keeping that position, with my camera and lens combination to my eye, and my elbows in pain from the metallic floor of the vehicle just waiting for the decisive moment. Eventually, he had had enough and as he shook off the water, he momentarily revealed his raw carnal and terrifying self just as I clicked the shutter. I managed to get a burst of five shots, this being my favourite.