Simon Smith

Camera: Sony A7rv

Lens: Sony 400 2.8 GM

Aperture: 2.8

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 400

Description: A male baboon takes a moment to calm himself as a young baboon playfully jumps around him.

Story from behind the lens: We were on our way to try and find a leopard in the forest when we came across a troop of baboons. While the adults were conserving energy, resting under the shade of a tree, the little ones were climbing and jumping and bouncing all over the place. Within all the chaos, I spotted one lone male baboon at the base of a tree. As one of the little ones jumped and climbed around him, he just raised a hand to his face and rubbed his eyes as if to say "I don't have the energy to deal with this right now". From the playfulness of children pushing their parents' boundaries to the tireless job that is parenting, some things are universal no matter what the species.